Turning Point Behavioral Psychology and Consulting Services

"Unlocking your child’s potential"

“As someone who has made helping children and their families a lasting endeavor, I take pleasure in establishing meaningful relationships with those I work with and sharing in the positive outcomes that emerge from therapeutic collaboration and effective interventions.”
-Dr. Shelly Harker
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Dr. Harker is a clinical psychologist who provides comprehensive care to children and their families. Although she specializes in behavioral psychology and pediatric feeding disorders, she also treats a wide range of clinical needs including autism and other developmental disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, adaptive and social skill deficits and family relationship difficulties.

Dr. Harker strives to build strong,
trusting relationships with her clients by endowing a personal style that is warm and caring but also direct and goal-oriented. Meaningful therapeutic change is believed to be fostered through a step-wise progression of active listening, comprehensive assessment, goal-setting, and hands-on treatment and teaching.

Dr. Harker also uses a
systemic approach, looking outside of the identified problem and examining relevant “systems,” such as one’s family, friends, school or work, to evaluate all areas that may help or perhaps hinder the progress of therapy. In light of this, a collaborative approach involving family members and other important social figures is often employed throughout the therapeutic process.

Specific services offered by Dr. Harker include
behavioral and psychological assessments, behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, play therapy, and caregiver and school consultation. Dr. Harker also works in collaboration with other local providers and professionals to ensure that clients receive the services and support they need.

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